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Center Director

Subramanian S. Iyer

On assignment to the Dept. of Commerce as Director of the NAPMP

Distinguished Professor and Charles P. Reames Endowed Chair

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department

Material Science and Enineering Department

Institute for Carbon Management

Primary Area: Physical and Wave Electronics

Secondary Area: Circuits and Systems

Office: 66-147H Engr. IV

Email: s.s.iyer@ucla.edu

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Boris Vaisband

Acting Director - Visiting Faculty

On leave from McGill University, Canada

Primary Area: Heterogeneous System Integration, Power Delivery, Interconnect

Email: vaisband@ucla.edu

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Faculty Members

Timothy Fisher

Professor | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Primary Area: Transport processes by electrons, phonons, photons, and fluids

Email: tsfisher@ucla.edu

Research Lab: Nano Transport Group

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Mark Goorsky

Professor | Materials Science & Engineering

Primary Area: High resolution X-ray diffraction, III-V, Ion Implantation, Epitaxial relaxation

Email: goorsky@seas.ucla.edu

Research Lab: Electronic Materials Group

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Puneet Gupta


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Primary Area: Circuits & Embedded Systems

Email: puneet@ee.ucla.edu

Research Lab: NanoCAD Laboratory

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Sudhakar Pamarti

Professor & Area Director for Circuits and Embedded Systems

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Primary Area: Circuits and Embedded Systems

Email: spamarti@ee.ucla.edu

Research Lab: Signal Processing and Circuit Engineering (SPACE)

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Gregory Pottie

Professor / Associate Dean, Research and Physical Resources

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Primary Area: Signals and Systems

Email: pottie@ee.ucla.edu

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