The 5,000 sq. ft. facility is equipped with diagnostic equipment and a wide assortment of high-quality integrated circuit test and measurement equipment. CHIPS is a multidisciplinary facility comprised of a central interconnect processing and assembly center and distributed processing facilities at multiple locations at UCLA.

Annealing Furnaces
Two types of furnaces: 1- steady state temperature control furnaces used for annealing and high temperature storage testing.2- Environemental testing furnace. This furnace is capable of performing high humidity content tests as well as temperature cycling tests. Capable of controlling duration of the test and number of cycles and programable to perform multiple test steps.

Cascade Probe Station
High-precision probe system that enables automated testing using the softwares environment that is installed on a computer next to the probe station. Currently we are using an SLM probe card (with 72um pitch) that enables probing 25 pads simultaneously.

Keyence VHX-S660E
Microscope Tool; magnification zoom ranges between 2x-2000x. Image Stiching is possible depending on zoom range.

KNS Apama D2W Bonder
Used for bonding Dielets to Si-IF substrate using direct metal-metal TCB. Dielet Sizes range from 0.5 mm X0.5 mm to 10 mm X 10 mm, Includes In-Situ formic acid treatment for Cu-Cu TCB. Bondhead can apply up to 270 N force during bonding.

KNS Apama D2W Bonder – 2
Extends the ability of previous tool to deal with dielet sizes upto 30 mmX 30 mm. Bondhead capable of applying higher force of 500 N.

Machining Lab
Vertical CNC milling capable of (1) drilling, milling, facing (2) CAD to CAM (Sherline CNC software) (3) sensitive drill attachments (4) Sanding tool co-located and included in training

Nanotronics nSpec LS
AI enabled microscope. Can detect defects, can be used for die-shift evaluation and adapting patterning. Provides +- 1 um measurement accuracy over 200 mm length

Nordson Dage 4000 Plus
Used for Shear Testing of Dielets: Determination of Bond-Strength and alignment via destructive shear test.

Optical Station
This optical station features tunable dampers that attenuate vibration from the environment. The tabletop is isolated and can be used for high resolution fiber alignment, spectroscope, and other measurements.

Wentworth MP2010 Probe Station
Allows probing upto maximum of 8 pads simultaneously for electrical measurements. We have about 3 DC Power Supplies (0.1V - 50V), 1 function generator, and 1 Digital Oscilloscope. Two Probes of the Setup can be connected to a parameter analyzer for I-V sweeps.

Wet Lab
E6 120 Wet Bench is capable of: (1) Cu Electroplating (2) Ni-Electroplating (3) Slurry mixing (4) some simple chemical experiments.