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Interpret and implement Moore’s Law to include all aspects of heterogeneous systems and develop architectures, methodologies, designs, components, materials and manufacturable integration schemes, that will shrink system footprint and improve power and performance.

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U.S. Focuses on Invigorating ‘Chiplets’ to Stay Cutting-Edge in Tech

U.S. Focuses on Invigorating ‘Chiplets’ to Stay Cutting-Edge in Tech Chiplets, a way to design chips for higher performance, has become a key prong of U.S. industrial policy. But pushing for more of this activity domestically is challenging. “Packaging is where the action is going to...

SRC JUMP 2.0: UCLA Samueli Faculty Join New Effort in Next-Generation Electronic Technologies

UCLA Is part of CHIMES: Center for Heterogeneous Integration of Micro Electronic Systems with three primary drivers: 1) Using system architecture metrics to drive new technologies for the center (application-pull) enabling targeted innovations based on system needs; 2) Using technological innovations in the center to enable...

How Chip Designers Are Breaking Moore’s Law

If microchips were cities, the new, industrywide strategy for making them better could be summed up in one word: sprawl. In some case, the chips inside our most powerful devices are taking up so much real estate they hardly qualify as “micro” anymore. One way engineers are...

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2021 UCLA CHIPS Workshop December 1, 2021

UCLA Luskin Conference Center

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