For your convenience, the UCLA CHIPS faculty presentation slides are posted below.  Although the slides are available to the general public to view, we would appreciate your reference to UCLA CHIPS if any of the materials are used in any talks or presentations.

CHIPS Professor Subramanian Iyer “CHIPS Overview”

CHIPS Professor Jason Cong “Heterogeneous Architectures for CHIPS” 

CHIPS Professor Mark Goorsky “Materials Integration for CHIPS”

CHIPS Professor Puneet Gupta “Designing Systems in CHIPS Interconnect Fabric”

CHIPS Professor Tzung Hsiai “Trans-Disciplinary Hybrid Electronics in the UCLA CHIPS Ecosystem”

CHIPS Professor Subramanian Iyer “System Integration Implications for the IoT Era”

CHIPS Prakash Periasamy “Electromigration Studies on 6 μm Solid Cu TSV (Via last) in 32 nm SOI Technology”

CHIPS Professor Subramanian Iyer – NBMC Workshop “FlexTrate: High Interconnect Density Fan-Out Wafer Level Processing for Flexible Bio-compatible Electronics”

Direct metal-metal dielet-to-wafer thermocompression bonding (video)