Dynamically Controlled Flow Loop to Benchmark Rapid Transient Cooling Utilizing Flash Boiling for High Heat Flux Electronic Systems - Ujash Shah

Transient cooling of high-heat-flux components presents significant challenges. Flash cooling is a promising approach to mitigate temperature spikes due to episodic heat pulses in electronic components. We present a flow loop concept that provides a flexible and reliable setup to quantify and benchmark flash cooling. The testbed is dynamically controlled through LabVIEW workbench using a micro-controller to manage the transient response of the system. The quick response of the loop is achieved with the help of flow control components with a response time of a few milliseconds. The setup is compatible with fluids for flash cooling, and the connections are built in a manner that allows facile replacement of components including the test device. Being a closed loop system with an integral condenser, it allows continuous operation of the system. The flow loop facilitates deeper understanding of the advantages and limitations of flash cooling for future electronic applications.