UCLA CHIPS at ECTC/Itherm 2021

ECTC Session 2: Wafer/Panel Level System Integration and Process Advances Committee: Packaging Technologies 7. Reliability Considerations for Wafer Scale Systems Niloofar Shakoorzadeh, Randall Irwin, Yu-Tao Yang, Haoxiang Ren, Subramanian S. Iyer ECTC Session 4: Heterogeneous Integration Using 2.xD/3D Packaging Technologies Committee: Packaging Technologies 5. Novel High-Power Delivery Architecture for Heterogenous Integration Systems Kannan Kalappurakal Thankappan, Subramanian S. Iyer ECTC Session 7: 3D TSV and Interposer Committee: Interconnections 4. I/O Architecture, Substrate Design, and Bonding Process for a Heterogeneous Dielet-Assembly based Waferscale Processor Saptadeep Pal, Krutikesh Sahoo, Irina Alam, Haris Suhail, Rakesh Kumar, Sudhakar Pamarti, Puneet Gupta, Subramanian S. Iyer ECTC Session 11: Advanced Chip to Chip/Package Interconnections for 3D and Heterogeneous Integration Committee: Interconnections 7. Copper to Gold Thermal Compression Bonding in Heterogenous Wafer-Scale Systems Krutikesh Sahoo, Saptadeep Pal, Niloofar Shakoorzadeh, Yu-Tao Yang, Subramanian Iyer ECTC Session 12: Flexible Interconnects and Low-Temperature Sintering Committee: Interconnections 3. Flexible Connectors and PCB Segmentation for Signaling and Power Delivery in Wafer-Scale Systems Randall Irwin, Krutikesh Sahoo, Saptadeep Pal, Subramanian Iyer ECTC Session 34: Flexible Hybrid Sensors and Electronics Committee: Emerging Technologies 3. Flexible Heterogeneously Integrated Low Form Factor Wireless Multi-channel Surface Electromyography (sEMG) Device Arsalan Alam, Michael Molter, Ayush Kapoor, Bilwaj Gaonkar, Samatha Benedict, Luke Macyszyn, Michael Selvan Joseph, Subramanian S. Iyer ECTC Session 35: Emerging Quantum and Advanced Interconnects Committee: Emerging Technologies 1. Nb-Based Superconducting Silicon Interconnect Fabric for Cryogenic Computing Applications Yu-Tao Yang, Chaowei Hu, Peng Zhang, Niloofar Shakoorzadeh, Haoxiang Ren, Ni Ni, Kang Wang, Subramanian Iyer ECTC Session 36: Packaging, Machine Learning, and Integration Technologies Committee: Emerging Technologies 1. Fabrication of Flexible Ionic-Liquid Thin Film Battery Matrix on FlexTrateTM for Powering Wearable Devices Guangqi Ouyang, Grace Whang, Emily McInnis, Subramanian Iyer ECTC Session 46: Student Session Committee: Interactive Presentations 2. A Flexible Power Module for Wearable Medical Devices with Wireless Recharging using Corrugated Flexible Coils Guangqi Ouyang, Goutham Ezhilarasu, Henry Sun, Haoxiang Ren, Yu-Tao Yang, Subramanian Iyer Itherm Track TII: System-Level Thermal Management Session TII-11: Next-Gen Electronics Systems Co-Design P266. Segmented Thermal Management with Flash Cooling for Heterogeneous Wafer-Scale Systems Ujash Shah, Subramanian Iyer, Timothy Fisher

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