UCLA CHIPS PhD Dissertations


An Embedded Nonvolatile SRAM in Logic CMOS Process

Sepideh Nouri - PhD 2023

Transient analysis of flash cooling for dynamic thermal managementfor high-performance electronic systems

Ujash Dipakkumar Shah - PhD 2023

Analog In-Memory Multiply-and-Accumulate Engine Fabricated in 22nm FDSOI Technology

Steven Moran - PhD 2022

Niobium-based Superconducting Silicon Interconnect Fabric for Future Cryogenic Applications

Yu-Tao Yang - PhD 2022

Flexible, Heterogeneously Integrated microLED Displays in Elastomeric Substrates using Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging

Goutham Ezhilarasu - PhD 2021

Development of FlexTrate(TM) and Demonstration of Flexible Heterogeneously Integrated Low Form-Factor Wireless Multi-Channel Surface Electromyography (sEmg) Device

Arsalan Alam - PhD 2021

Physics Based Reliability Analysis of the Silicon Interconnect Fabric

Nelly Shakoorzadeh Chase - PhD 2021

An On-Chip ESD Sensor for Use in Advanced Packaging

Kannan Kalappurakal Thankappan - PhD 2021

Scale-Out Packageless Processing

Saptadeep Pal - PhD 2021

Heterogeneous Integration on Silicon-Interconnect Fabric using Fine-Pitch Interconnects (≤10 μm)

SivaChandra Jangam - PhD 2020

Charge Trap Transistors (CTT): Turning Logic Transistors into Embedded Non-Volatile Memory for Advanced High-k/Metal Gate CMOS Technologies

Faraz Khan - PhD 2020

Scalable and Analog Neuromorphic Computing Systems

Zhe "Frank" Wan - PhD 2020

Charge-Trap Transistors for Neuromorphic Computing

Xuefeng Gu - PhD 2018

Joule Heating-Induced Interconnect Failure in 3D IC technology

Menglu Li - PhD 2016

Dopant Incorporation in Silicon Molecular Beam Epitaxy

Subramanian Iyer - PhD 1981

UCLA CHIPS MS Theses and Projects

FEM-Based Capacitor Structure Optimization Studies for Large-Scale High Energy Density Electrostatic Energy Storage Device

Harshit Ranjan - MS Thesis 2023

Characterization of the Charge-Trap Transistor for Analog In-Memory Computing

Siyun Qiao - MS Thesis 2022

Process Development and Process Window Investigation of Copper-Silicon Dioxide Die-to-Wafer (D2W) Hybrid Bonding

Haoxiang Ren - MS Thesis 2021

Process Development of FlexTrateTM Connector for Silicon Interconnect Fabric
Po-Chang "Steve" Shih - MS Thesis 2020

Process Development of Copper- Copper Thermocompression Bonding for Power Delivery and Heat Extraction system for the Silicon-Interconnect Fabric
Pranav Ambhore - MS Thesis 2020

Antennas using Fused Silica Inlays on the Silicon Interconnect Fabric (Si-IF)
Arpan Dasgupta - MS Project 2020

Design of Analog Mixed Signal Neuron for Neuromorphic Computation
Premsagar Kittur - MS Project 2020

Process Development of Power Delivery Through Wafer Vias for Silicon Interconnect Fabric
Meng-Hsiang Liu, MS Thesis 2019

Developing Through-Wafer Via (TWV) and Plasma Dicing Process for Silicon Interconnect Fabric (Si-IF)
Yandong Luo, MS Thesis 2018

Electron Beam Induced Current in a p-n Junction

Subramanian Iyer, MS Thesis 1978