Flexible Electronics Master Class #7: Flexible Hybrid Electronics 2.0 Based on Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn fan-out wafer packaging from one of the leaders in the field Subramanian Iyer, Ph.D. and Distinguished Professor at UCLA. Dr. Iyer will review the impetus of the paradigm shift in electronics packaging away from CMOS and toward hybrid packages. He will note the implications these have on Flexible Hybrid Electronics (FHE) especially the use of bare dielets, fine pitch interconnects and novel substrate materials. FHE is making a significant impact in medical and wellness electronics. The first generation of these devices generally used thinner PCBs with coarse printed wiring to connect a small number of thin-packaged “older generation” chips. This approach, while immensely useful to launch products, borrows from both silicon and advanced packaging technologies. To scale FHE and reach higher performance, however, the opportunities lie in adoption of dielet/chiplet technology. This will enable more advanced CMOS nodes in wearables including edge-AI, higher performance interconnects, flexible high-density energy storage, wireless communication and advanced ergonomics and all of these at lower cost and higher reliability. Join us for this opportunity to learn from one of the pioneers in the field!

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